Thursday, March 15, 2007

How an object becomes finished...

6:30 PM last night:

2:00 AM:

7:00 AM this morning:

I'd like to claim it was all love for my child that kept me up to finish this sweater and while that helped, the bottom line is I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I needed to finish the damn thing. I have to admit for all the bitching and the endlessness of it I really love this sweater. It has a huge flaw in the placket portion. I really screwed up the spacing of the button holes that I added. The ones I made were kind of sucky too but I firmed them up with a bit of crochet. I also wish I had gone up a size. While it fits him perfectly he is a growing boy and I'm afraid it won't last him long. On the other hand I suspect it may stretch out a bit with wear so it may be fine. Of course without a trip to Katonah there's no way I could have gone bigger. This is all the yarn I have left:

I got a little panicky at the end and sped up my decreases in the last few rows and that seems to have been a wise decision. I love, love, love raglans at the moment. The lack of finishing at the end is an amazing and beautiful thing. A little kitchener under the arms and I'm done. I'd like to make ones for Rinaldo and Avery at some point.

My day yesterday was better. One of the issues that ticked me off on Wednesday was resolved and that brightened my mood quite a bit. The fact that I'm on vacation next week makes today a better day already.

I did have some linkage for you that I was too cranky to share.

My aunt was in the newspaper. I can't tell you what the article says, it being in Icelandic, although I can think of 4 people who read my blog who can read it but she attended a conference on services for blind children in Iceland. She's in the red coat with the glasses.

Ann alert!

Nora Ephron is an evil woman. I have had enough conversations with Ann alone to disprove her theory.

Finally here is an article I ran into this morning about a knitting ghost. I'm pretty sure my needles get red hot when I'm pissed too.

Have a great weekend everyone!