Friday, March 23, 2007

Dear Ann,

We have been friends for awhile now. I remember when I met you at my first blogger meet up I didn't even read your blog. We clicked and have been friends ever since. We have mutual friends and I've been to your lovely home and met the boar.I've sent you candy and you've rigged had contests that I've won.

The other day you wrote a public love letter to my husband. While at the time I was a bit concerned I must say I have changed my mind. You see the day that you linked to me I had nearly triple my normal amount of hits and I've run about double every day since. So I thank you.

Now I would appreciate it if you could work me into a blog post a week. Now that I've tasted the waters of high number stats I want to stay there. I mean I came up with the skimmer alert system right? Don't I deserve a little love? Hell I say fuck all the time, we've discussed the pros and cons of various sex toys, isn't that enough for you to share the wealth?

Once a week, that's all I ask.

All my love,