Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesdays are a bit sucky for me it would seem. While the work situation is looking up I'm feeling a bit abandoned by a few friends. Nothing serious, just a bit disappointed is all. Of course the linky love I got yesterday from Cara is enough to wash away any blues I may get. Now I see what Ann was talking about, the hits just keep coming when Cara simply utters your name. Thanks!

Yesterday was Ian's IEP meeting. I walked in and told them I had no interest in their assessments or opinions let's just cut to the recommendations. If I disagree with any of them then they could backtrack and explain why they decided that. The thing about these meetings for me is what an inaccurate picture they have of my son, which then makes me defensive and I'm not pretty when I'm pissed. On the other hand I have come to realize that the mere fact that Ian can do so many things but refuses to do them in school is an issue in and of itself. Leaving him back in Kindergarten and putting him in a small special ed setting with a teacher I know and like is a good way to address that problem. It is also the way they want to address what they view as his low functioning. Interestingly I did let his speech teacher do her eval of him. As expected it sounded bad but she went on to say how far he has come, how he does play, talk and interact normally with the other kids when she pulls him out in a small group even though she hears he doesn't do that in class. So she sees the disconnect as well. Ian adores his speech teacher and she has done excellent work with him. Next year he will continue one on one with her but she also pushes in for the whole class so I think he'll get a great deal out of that. The special ed teacher whom we have known in passing for years came over to Rinaldo and told him how excited she was to have Ian with her next year and what a fantastic year she was sure he would have. That's all I want, someone who looks at him and sees all his potential, not all his deficits. She also said, which Rinaldo and I found very interesting, that he would have a few of his classmates with him so he would feel at home. So, more kids are being left back from his class and put into special ed. I think that's very telling about the class he is in.

I had joined Fiber Flix a few months back. It's a knit along/movie along. We all vote on which movies to watch in a given month and then discuss them. The moderator also tries to tie a knitting project in to the movies to keep it fun. I had some time on my hands this weekend when Avery participated in a Chess Tournament in Brooklyn:
...he won 2 out of 4 games by the way...

So I was able to catch this month's selection, Logan's Run on my Ipod and work on this month's project, RPM socks:
Here's where I am as of this morning:
I am really enjoying the pattern which is different for me when it comes to socks. Anything other than a plain vanilla sock has usually caused me drama but these are very intuitive. I never have to refer to the pattern anymore. I did have to rip them out after the first pattern repeat as they were coming out too small but I think it's just because the Lorna's Laces may be a bit thinner than the Socks that Rock it was designed for. Of course it could just be me since I tend to knit a bit tightly.

Dear lord I actually agreed to teaching a knitting class tonight at Ian's school and the people who said they would help ended up with other commitments. I don't really know why I agreed. I don't particularly like people and I am extremely anti-social. It should be interesting.

I'll let you know how it goes.