Monday, March 26, 2007

When spending the evening with a Harlot...'ll always get something for your time. In this case there was laughter, fun and of course needles and yarn:
Ostensibly the yarn was for us to knit a square for Warm up America while we listened to Stephanie speak. I don't knit that fast so I took it home. Where it was quickly claimed by my husband, who ordered it made into this:

Which led to this:

I figure I'll just knit up a square or two out of stash yarn to ease the little bit of a guilty consious that I have.

The harlot was hysterical as always. I really enjoy her speaking events. Her focus this time around about the lack of respect that knitters get from non-knitters is a valid one and she raised some interesting points about it. I sat with the sadly blogless Claudia and the blogged but barely posting Maribel. Chante was there at 3 and she and her friends managed to snag seats in the middle of the second row. The lovely Bakerina was a few rows back from us but other than that I didn't run into anyone else I knew. Of course the auditorium was large and nearly packed. It was a nice night out, of course I'm pretty easy to please when there's no children involved;) I didn't take any pictures because frankly I'm sure you'll see tons of pictures of Stephanie and people sitting in an auditiorium all over blogdom so I won't bore you with more. If you haven't seen any yet and you want to Amy has a nice guide to some of the better reports of the event.

Vacation is sadly over and I'm back at work. Gyrid's getting plenty of compliments. I'm nearly as bad as Ian when it comes to wearing my knits. I wore it to the thing on Thursday, I wore it to Avery's chess tournament this weekend and I am wearing it now. I'm enjoying all the compliments it's getting. I'm all warm and fuzzy about it.

Try to have a good day, even though it's Monday...