Friday, March 09, 2007

For the best friend's birthday this year I decided to do a fun post rather than my usual weep fest about what a great friend she is, how much I love her blah, blah, blah...instead may I present:

Six Weird Things You May Not Know About Maribel

1- She got me into Anne of Green Gables

2-She interviewed for her first position at Barnes and Noble in a Motley Crue t-shirt and jeans...she got the job.

3-She loves Bollywood movies (she got me hooked on those as well).

4-We would spend most Sundays of our teenage years baking and watching old movies on TV.

5- She has only beat me once at Trivial Pursuit(the original edition), ok maybe twice.

6- My mother didn't like her very much at first, she said she was very "brash" (we were about 12 at the time). She of course grew to love her as a second daughter as time went on.

So go wish my girl a fabulous birthday!

Happy Birthday Bel!