Monday, March 12, 2007

Not a lot to show...

I moved along finally on Ian's sweater, then I got to the part where you make the placket and froze. Seriously, I was cursing the stupid pattern, how poorly written it was, you know the whole knitter's lament. I put it down and went to bed. This morning I decided it was time to start on Marsha's squares. Here is my swatch for the rolled rib pattern I chose for the first square:

Swatch for a square, yeah a little odd I know but they have to be 9 x 9 and since I wanted to try out new stitches I thought I should be safe.

I got to work and started hunting the blogs of knitters I knew had made the damn sweater. The ones I found just kept talking about how easy the corrected pattern was. Obviously the problem was mine. So I looked at the pattern again. Suddenly the clouds parted and the sun shown through...I'm an idiot. When they were referring to knitting back and forth I kept thinking you only worked one side of the placket at a time, but then it says to do seed stitch on each end, I couldn't wrap my head around that. Duh, of course it's the other side of the placket. You work back and forth across the whole sweater stupid! I'll get back to it tonight.

Along the lines of not my brighter moments I was reading the chart for the rolled rib in my Knitting Stitch Bible this morning on the train. As you all know I'm not a fan of charts. I don't hate them anymore but I'm still quite the novice at reading them. So I went to check what one of the symbols represented and it said this:

"From the back of the work, bring the yarn over the needle to the front of the work, then between the needles to the back of the work again to make a stitch, k1..."


I could not figure it out for a good minute or two until I realized they meant do a yarn over. Sometimes spelling something out for me is obviously not helpful.

Happy Monday...