Monday, October 30, 2006

What I did on my October vacation... blogging obviously. Oddly enough very little knitting either, but I still owe you some shots of what I scored in Rhinebeck. First up the haul from Brooks Farm:

What you have here are 3 skeins of my beloved Four Play. I'm going to use it for hats for teachers at the kids' schools. I normally go a bit cheaper for teacher gifts but I really wanted an excuse to buy Four Play and I wanted a few colors. It's the first year for both kids in their schools so I'll go the whole way this time.

The fourth ball (top right) is Acero. It's a lightweight yarn that I may use for Swallowtail but I'm not decided yet. I just know it is something for me!

Here we have the sock yarn haul:

The orange colorway I was ordered to get by Godmother extraordinaire Maribel for Avery. She loves him in orange and it's also his favorite color so I of course had to oblige. This meant I needed some for Ian since he wants to wear the red socks I made him every damn day so the next two are some Regia in a nice bold mix for my bold baby. Last but not least is some Lorna's Laces sock yarn for, you guessed it me, see a trend here?

What did I do last week? Well we celebrated Ian's fifth birthday:

Ian enjoyed his gifts and the cupcakes we brought for his class. We also had a little party on Saturday which means I actually cleaned the house from top to bottom. Otherwise I was still kind of under the weather last week. I can't shake the cough that I picked up and I kept trying to rest so it would go away. I was never really in the mood to knit, although I did mostly finish Gyrid. I need to block it, pick up stitches for the neck and seam it so we'll see how quickly I get around to that. I also did not have the brain power to try the two socks at one time thing. Even the cast on caused me too much drama so I am currently just doing a plain vanilla pair for my mother in law. I will try it again when my head is less fuzzy.

While I was laying around coughing up a lung or two, the husband was playing Bob Vila...

...he insulated most of the windows and the door to the roof...

... carved some cool pumpkins...

...but his proudest moment was the plexiglass insets he made for the backdoor:

Home improvement is so hot;)

Happy Monday...