Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy May Day/Day Without Immigrants

Back to boring old regular posts. I'm supposed to be at work but instead I am sitting on the couch watching TV with Ian. I was on my way out the door when Ian's school called. His eye was red and swollen and they needed me to pick him up and take him to the doctor before it spread to other kids. Here's the problem, it's not pink eye. I told the nurse that sometimes that happens when Ian's allergies flare up but she would not listen. So I took a sick day and went to get him. Now Ian's school is a good distance away so it took awhile for me to get there. Of course once I got there his eye was completely clear. Oh well that's the way it goes. There was no getting out of there once he saw me so here we are. The nurse also mentioned that she noticed when she was looking at his eye it turned in. Now I have seen that happen on occasion but I never thought much of it. They want him to go see a pediatric opthamologist. I figure I'll mention it to his doctor next time we're there to see if he feels we need a refereral (gotta love HMOs). Anybody have experience with this? Should I add it to my list of worries or is it not a huge deal?

Guess what I have some FOs! Well one anyway, the other still has a bit of finishing to go. First up my new bag that I made with that gorgeous brown varigated lopi. It's just waiting to be felted:

Here's a close-up of the colors:
I really love it. I'm hoping to felt it later today.

My truly finished object is Ian's Red Hot Socks:

Cute right? I was not that successful with the short row heels. I had to sew them up a bit to get rid of the holes, but the second was better than the first so I'm sure it will improve. I still prefer a heel flap but it's nice to have a different option and I much prefer it if I'm doing a contrasting heel.

I think I'll try to get more laundry done since I'm home anyway...ooh exciting.

Have a good Monday...