Monday, October 23, 2006

Knit Bloggers in the Wild

This weekend was of course the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival at Rhinebeck. While the festival itself left a bit to be desired it did offer a wonderful opporunity to see knit bloggers in their natural habitat.

First up was Risa (who I was supposed to be providing support to on Saturday with her twins but is just so damn good at the mom thing that I was only holding her back):
You could always spot her in the middle of it all with her twins hanging with friends.

Next up, the amazing Margene, even at 10PM on Saturday she was able to make spinning with a drop spindle look so easy:

Of course Ann was there sharing her thoughts and opinions with all who would listen (and those who wouldn't;)):

Cara was there already working and planning the next bigger and better Spin Out:

Here is Vicki laughing which is what I saw her doing most often and behind her my blogger BFF Kathleen listening intently while someone is showing their latest project:

It should be noted that Maribel deleted the only picture I had of her:P

Nothing at the festival itself excited me all that much. The Socks That Rock was all gone even though we arrived at 11:30 on Saturday morning. Even Spirit Trail was a bit threadbare at that point. I hit Brooks Farm pretty hard but otherwise it was less than thrilling. The company was great though. Kathleen and her mom were kind enough to pick us up and take us home, I think the car rides were the most fun;)

I did add a family member on Friday and he's too beautiful to keep to myself. Ladies and gentlemen meet Hiro:

Isn't he lovely? I'll tell you about how he came to live with us and I'll show off my yarn next time. Right now it's time for my nap...I love Mondays when I'm on vacation...