Thursday, October 12, 2006

S is for Soccer

I'm the sports fan in my house, for the most part. My favorite sport is of course hockey. I've talked about my deep and abiding Ranger love before. I also like to watch tennis but there's been no players of late that really get me watching regularly. When it came time for Avery to do some type of sport I decided he should try Soccer. There is a league in Riverdale that has a Pee Wee instructional division that you can start at 6. The first few years were just drills and games within the team. That' s how the Pee Wee league teaches them the fundamentals. A few years ago Avery was old enough to graduate out of the Pee Wee division and into the Younger Division. Once he started playing actual games against other teams he really took to it and so did I.
I don't watch any of the MLS league here in the States, although I always mean too. I started watching the Premiership League (go Man U!!!)on cable. Ostensibly it was to get Avery to see what a real game looks like but I'm the one who got hooked.
As Avery got older he really started to get into it. He loves it so much now that I sent him to a Soccer Camp over the Summer (just daycamp he's not really up to the sleepaway camp thing yet).
He's a much stronger player this year than he has ever been and I really enjoy the games myself. Soccer has become an integral part of my life and I really love watching Avery gain in skill and strength as well as enjoyment.

Next September it's Ian's turn...

sadly we lost the game where I took the pictures, 4-1 that's why they all look so depressed...