Sunday, October 08, 2006

R is for Rinaldo

I met my husband Rinaldo 15 years ago. He worked with my best friend and we would occasionally ride home together when I picked her up. About a year after I first met him I invited him to my Christmas party. The rest as they say is history.

There's no denying we were a fairly odd couple at first glance. I had a reputation at the store he worked at (as I had worked there before he started). I dressed all in black, listened to heavy metal and (cough) had an active social life (cough). The fact that I liked to date guys younger than myself didn't help at all (he's three years younger than me so he fit the bill;)). He was in fact warned that I would break his heart. Yet it hasn't worked out that way.

We fit together in an amazing way. We're not as opposite as we initially appear. We both have a wicked, sarcastic sense of humor. We both enjoy comic books and feel no embarassment about that. Our taste in books, television and films are fairly in synch. We don't agree on everything but that's good too, keeps it interesting.

There were more basic differences. I had no interest in marriage or children. I thought (and to some extent still do) that a marriage certificate was just a piece of paper. True commitment comes from waking up everyday and still finding that person waking up next to you, even without any legal obligation. As for children I never had an urge and didn't view myself as particularly maternal. These things were very important to Rinaldo. In fact he proposed about two weeks after we started dating although it was two years before we actually did it.

He made my life so much better that it was no sacrifice to give in to his ideas of marriage and family. Granted Avery was a surprise but once he was on his way it seemed a perfectly natural progression of our life together.

Ian came by choice to complete our family.

He still doesn't always know what to make of me. This wild woman he married who at 36 went to see Motley Crue in concert twice in a six month period, but oddly enough he loves me and I love him so that makes everything else easier to work out.

The one complaint I do have is having your husband be your friend as well. It's really hard to stay pissed off at him. If I want to sulk and not speak to him I can never last because sooner rather than later something comes up that I'm dying to tell him or talk to him about. That is annoying as hell;) I should be able to keep a good cold shoulder going for awhile don't you think?

So for putting up with me for 12 years of married life and 14 years together, Rinaldo is of course my favorite "R".