Saturday, November 04, 2006

No excuses for the lack of posting this week, it just is the way it is. Of course I have Halloween pictures to share.

Here is a very distracted Ian as Buzz Lightyear:
Avery as a dementor not doing a very good job of intimidating Sleeping Beauty (that's the boys' cousin Zeyda):
...last but not least cousin Cheyenne as a very fetching Supergirl:

Here's some shots of Gyrid, they're not very impressive since I've done no blocking nor seaming but the knitting is done as I said:
I tried to do a close up of the cable pattern but none of them really show it well. It does pop nicely in person but is completely lost in pictures. Here's the best of the shots:
I am actually almost finished with the first sock for my mother in law. It's coming along quite nicely. There's nothing wrong with plain and simple sometimes:
Unfortunately my new kitten has a great fondness for attacking my yarn, particularly when I am working on it but sometimes when it is just sitting there doing nothing. This is what I found of the ball I am currently using after my shower this morning:
He's trouble that one, he's currently obsessed with chasing the few balloons left from Ian's party last week. This is his favorite stalking perch:

...damned if I know how he gets up there, I've yet to see him do it.

Go give you congratulations to displaced Bronx Girl Alison, she had a beautiful baby boy last night. Welcome to the world Avishai Reilly Fox!

Have a great weekend...