Monday, October 16, 2006

A tale of three mittens...

I decided to make this the weekend of finishing. I have a mitten, a sock and Gyrid to finish. They are all fairly close to completion. I should have been able to get at least one done, right? Wrong.

I decided to focus on the mitten since really these can be done in about a day or a day and a half if you're me. Now you may recall the first of the target wave mittens did not work out as well as I liked. I made some adjustments. I didn't use a smaller needle on the cuff, I eliminated a decrease and an increase in the body and I eliminated about 4 rows of the thumb target. It's still wasn't great but it's recipient was pleased with the result:

Ok, I wrote notes on what I changed and got to work on the third mitten. There was a problem however. I finished the body of the mitten on Friday and it was noticibly smaller than the second mitten (the first was never ripped out and of course is way larger than the second). I decided that frankly I didn't care and Ian wouldn't either. So Saturday night I stayed up to finish the mitten off. I went to sleep around 3 AM (I had quite a few ERs to catch up on) and guess what? I still have no finished third mitten. The damn thumb target was not working at all since the mitten is so much smaller. I finally decided to give up. I will have to start from scratch again. I hate these freakin' mittens!!!. If Ian didn't love them so much I would just make a different pair but he loved the picture in the magazine and was thrilled with the completed one. I also have some ideas for a matching hat so I just need to finish the damn things.

The whole deal with the mittens really put me off my feed as it were so I worked on the sock a bit, turned the heel and all that but I didn't get anything to speak of done on either it or Gyrid. It was a weird weekend I was horribly depressed and moody and I couldn't really figure out why until I realized that yesterday was the second anniversary of my mother's death, yup that will do it. Knowing there was a reason actually improved my mood though so I'm doing better today.

Risa already outed me for the insane move I did last week. I agreed to co-host the Knitting Blogs web ring. I've always wanted to host a ring although I had something smaller in mind. I doubt I would have volunteered if Risa hadn't already. At least I have a partner who I know, like and respect. Thanks to Julie for taking care of it all these years as it grew to such amazing proportions!

The universe showed me this weekend that this was a good decision in some very odd ways:

Hey Risa you seem to be pretty busy, are you sure you have time for the webring;)

Happy Monday all...