Thursday, August 31, 2006

Topi R.I.P.

Yeah I gave up and I was so close too. I had about a round and a half to pull out but there was just so much "wrongness" to the hat that I decided to frog it and start from scratch...another day.

Back to the safe comfort of Gyrid, ha, I have a charted cable pattern to do. Let's see how safe and comforting that turns out to be. Of course I grabbed Gyrid this morning but totally forgot to put it in my bag so no knitting until tonight. Damn.

All is well for the moment at work. I've been busy of course but oddly efficient and not too stressed. Rinaldo and I realized the other day that this is the first Fall rush for us in years where we have no serious outside distractions. Last year we were buying the house and moving, the year before was my mother's terminal illness, the year before that was spent running around trying to get Ian assessed for his speech delay and into school. This year the outside drama level is amazingly low. It's amazing how much easier my job is when my mind isn't elsewhere. Who knew?

Thursday, huh? Still two more days after today until I rest but at least I get Sunday and Monday. Yay Labor Day!