Tuesday, September 05, 2006

If a tree falls...

...in your backyard, you're totally screwed.

Thankfully there are no powerlines in the back so we have power but it took a telephone pole with it. Unfortunately the cable lines are also on the telephone pole. So no TV, no internet and no phone, no fun!

I couldn't blog until today since I was off Sunday and Monday. Here's a shot of the yard yesterday morning:

The tree was from a neighbor's yard so she and her family were out there by yesterday afternoon cutting it up. Rinaldo helped too;):

This is what it looked like by Sunday evening:

I really can't say enough how wonderful it is to have good neighbors.

To put this in perspective, it was not a tree that fell. It was just a limb:

We have to wait for the phone company to fix or replace the pole. Then the cable company will come and fix the cable. I'm not holding my breath on that. It will happen but when is the question.

Life goes on of course. Both boys were off to their new schools today. Ian is actually home already, Kindergarten is only half a day for the first two. He says Kindergarten "is fun"!

Happy Tuesday all...