Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm finally feeling better. I was still a bit knocked out on Wednesday, hence the delay in my posting. The surgery went fine but the sedative really knocked me out. I've had a good time at home convalescing. I've spent my time with a couple of Bollywood Movies. A good book, my favorite soap and oh yes my knitting!

I have a finished pair of socks to show for my time:

I've done a bit of work on Gyrid as well:

I had a moment of doubt yesterday while sitting in the waiting room at my surgeon's office for my follow up. I was seriously contemplating ripping out Gyrid and starting it again in the round. In the end I decided that I had come too far. I'm already at the increases and I'm about 5 inches from armholes. So I'll continue as is.

Today is Ian's last day of Pre-K. In June when he graduated he didn't want to go back for summer school. He kept telling me he had to go to Kindergarten but he has had so much fun in summer school, I don't think he wants it to end:

Of course when he gets to sleep in and hang out with his brother next week, he'll be smiling again.

Have a great weekend...