Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We've reached the state of controlled chaos here at work. It's sort of the calm before the storm. Not that it's very calm, all the Freshman moved in this past weekend so it's busy enough but the rest of the students come back this weekend and classes begin Tuesday so this week is still relatively easy, comparatively speaking.

Topi is irking me. I didn't check my gauge since the pattern says it's not all that important. All you need to do is check the diameter of the crown and stop when it's where you want it to be. Now I did that but I don't see how it can be an accurate measure since the circle is so distorted by the way it's stretched in the middle but the stitches are mashed up together on the needle. I got past the purl row where the hat would start being worked downward but it just felt wrong. There are simply too many stitches no matter how tight my gauge is. I've made hats before in varying yarn weights and I don't recall ever having this many stitches, and no I didn't count them but it's a freakin' lot. So yesterday I decided to trust my instincts and frog back past the last increase row. Since it's such a pain to work I am actually tinking back stitch by stitch so I'm not quite there yet, but I should be by tonight.

This was absolutely the right project to do between Gyrid pieces since now I am missing her sweet simplicity. Topi is a little high maintenance and Gyrid is smooth sailing, of course I haven't started the cabling yet so I may be speaking too soon.

By the way my cousin Ingileif has a request. She would like everyone to please vote for Magni tonight on Rock Star Supernova. I haven't watched at all, somehow I always forget but he's Icelandic and he's not hard on the eyes so he's got my vote;)

I was one of the winners of Angelia's yarn naming contest, yay me! Who knew my love of Brook Shields' movies as a kid would serve me so well as an adult (don't make fun, I loved the damn Blue Lagoon, can't watch it now of course but that's life).

On a Bloglines note, Bloglines killed one of my subscription lines. There were only about 7 people on it and the last few posts didn't show up on it at all so I guess they figured it was a dead feed. If you were on that one, try this one instead.

Back to the grind. Another 10 hours and I get to go home...

Happy Tuesday...