Monday, August 14, 2006

This weekend we were at the mall and the new network, the CW was doing a big promotional event for the upcoming season. You may have seen their ad campaign. They were giving out t-shirts and you could pick your favorite catch phrase. Mine of course was the Veronica Mars tagline:

Rinaldo went for Smallville's:

The shirt seems to have effected me in an unforseen way however. Saturday night at around 1:45 I woke to hear a child crying. Once I determined it wasn't one of mine, I realized it came from outside. I assumed it was some small child who's parents kept him out too late and he was having a meltdown on the way home. He stopped crying so I closed my eyes to go back to sleep. Then he started again, and now he was yelling, "someone please help me, I'm all alone". I went to the window but I couldn't see anything. I did hear a woman talking to him from her window. So I woke Rinaldo and went downstairs. I did remember to turn off the house alarm which was good, but I forgot to turn on the front light which was bad. I opened the door went down the steps and...landed on my ass, damn I'm good in a crisis. I missed the last step and came down too hard on my foot. I was able to stand so by the time Rinaldo came out I was up and about. I still couldn't see anything so Rinaldo went out of the gate and sure enough the little boy was in the house across the street and down the block. He was talking to a woman, who couldn't see him from her window. The little boy who couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 said that his Dad must have gone to work while he was sleeping and when he woke up alone in the apartment he got scared. The woman told Rinaldo she called the police and we all stayed out there until they came. For those of you who still don't realize the Bronx is a nice place to live, you should know that by the time the cops came there were five of us involved. Another man from the woman's building was watching the little boy and a older teenage boy who was coming home, walked past and saw the little boy standing at his door (he never went past his gate he stayed right at the door the whole time). He took one look at the little boy not noticing anyone else yet and said, "are you alone"? When the little boy said yes, the young man said incredulously, "you're alone"! So he stayed also. I will not get into the stupidity of the dad who left him there because that would take a whole other post. I will tell you that about five minutes after the police took the little boy to the precinct I was back upstairs and I heard a car door slam. Then a few minutes later a man came out calling a boy's name. He was pretty damn calm in my opinion, the woman from across the street calls out to him, "are you the Dad?" and he said he was. She told him what had happened and told him where to go, the precinct I mean, not where he should really go.

Meanwhile I have a severely sprained ankle and horribly cut up foot. I keep joking here at work that I'm the only person I know who was out getting surgery on her breast and came back with a limp! I feel a bit ridiculious for falling, Rinaldo keeps joking that it's all the shirt's fault. I had an overwhelming need to be fearless.

So next time you're in trouble just call me, your friendly neighborhood clumsy ass...

Happy Monday!