Wednesday, August 02, 2006

N is for Never Never Land...

Yes, ok it's pushing it a bit but I already did D so I can't do D for Disney. I promised I would share some vacation shots with you. Luckily I am not sharing all of the 500+ photos I took, only a small selection. You can thank me later.

Have you ever watched a child as they ride into the Magic Kingdom?

On the left here we have Ian in the bus coming as we are driving from the hotel to the park.

Here on the right, we are coming up to the gates.

Ian picked out his ears in the hotel store, he likes to go into situations prepared.

We all got to meet our favorite characters.

Avery met Stitch (who also sent him a beautiful autographed photo birthday card):

Ian met Buzz Lightyear (and all the other Toy Story characters):

...and I met Herbie:

Dreams really do come true in Disneyworld;)

We also had time to catch up with the Florida branch of the family. This is Rinaldo's dad, he came to hang out with us on Saturday and Sunday:

We were all eating at the Ghiardelli's at Downtown Disney. Weight Watchers who?

We rented a car on Monday to go visit my stepmom, Diane and her new seeing eye dog, Nike:

I haven't seen Diane since before I was pregnant with Ian so it was wonderful spending time with her. Although one day is not even close to enough.

We stayed on park property at the All Star Movie Resort. This means there was lots of cool scenery to check out:

We all had a wonderful time, Ian most of all. This is his reaction when he realized that we were going home:

He still telling me he wants to go back to the "Disney Bus"!