Thursday, August 24, 2006

I am so fried. Work is nuts. Faculty are going to be the death of me. Most of them are very nice but they can't understand why ordering a book from an obscure press in the backwoods of Angola, one week before classes begin is a problem. Really, I'm only exaggerating a little.

We had a woman yelling at Tisha today because she ordered her daughter's books and the card declined. You see it must have been our fault that the card declined because there is plenty of "funds on that card"!

I really wonder why I don't drink more...

Topi is coming along. I somehow didn't bring a crochet hook with me on Tuesday and Maribel's was too large so I didn't try the recommended slip knot crochet cast on. I cast on my 5 stitches and knit with only 3 needles until I got to 10 then added the 4th needle. This resulted in no hole at the top.

Topi also recommends a M1 increase that I haven't used before, the backwards loop increase. You just put a loop and your finger, twist it and slip it onto the right needle. Freakishly simple. It works well but man it makes for a tight round. Of course it's probably that I pull it too tight but whatever. I got so impatient with it last night that I switched it to circulars a round or so before I should have. Which means my hands are seriously sore from the round I did on the train this morning. I'm in the middle of an increase round so it's already better but man it's tough going to get there.

Here's how it's looking (yes we're back to crappy camera phone shots don't expect better until late September):

Here's how it looks when I'm actually trying to knit a stitch:

Funny huh? That's what I get for my impatience.

Another blogger actually came to our knitting group on Tuesday. Chante was there working on her gorgeous Baudelaire socks. Between her and Susan I am completely enamored with this sock. I think it's my next project.

I should be happy it's Thursday but since I work on Saturday, I'm not all that thrilled...

Have a good Thursday anyway...