Monday, August 21, 2006

The back of Gyrid is done:

I debated about admitting a small faux pas that I made but what the hell I know we've all done it at one point or another. You may recall when I said that I thought I was nearly done and then I discovered I had another inch and a half to go? Well it seems that I was reading two different points of the directions. I was supposed to go to 8 1/4 inches then shape the neckline and continue until 9 1/2 inches. Of course when I would glance over at the instructions I was only looking at the numbers not the actual directions so I used the wrong number. This meant I had to rip back which of course I did but went too far, then I had to knit back up to 8 1/4. In the end all went well.

Now I need a short break before I start the front. I decided to start a, wait for it...Christmas present, in August! Wow, go me. I'm going to make Topi in the Rowan denim I got from my One Skein pal. This will be a cute hat for Avery's cousin Cheyenne and it is so her style. I haven't started yet because the crochet cast on is new to me and I wasn't quite awake enough this morning but I have knitting group tonight so if I have any trouble I'm sure someone there can walk me through.

The BBQ was a great success and no rain was seen at all. We had good friends:

...interestingly both Maribel and Tisha managed to avoid showing up in any pictures, isn't that odd;).

Of course there was knitting, this is my good friend Leslie working on a small bag:

...and good eats, Ian was pleased that the Mister Softee truck decided to stop by:

Have a good one...