Friday, August 04, 2006

Today's going to be a bit random. I've got a million things to talk about but there's no real thread to tie them together.

I submitted a post for the Yarnival. Cara mentioned it today and I thought it was a pretty cool way to discover new blogs. Here's hoping I make the cut.

Carola was talking about the heatwave they were having in Iceland. I happened to have been talking to my cousin and I know that the temperature was around 59 or 60 degrees fahrenheit. While I melted in the 100 degree heat here in NYC the idea of an Icelandic "heatwave" sounded very, very appealing.

Gyrid is coming along. I may even post a shot this weekend. I'm pleased with my progress but I love the feel of the material so much I am becoming quite impatient. I really, really want to wear this sweater. I'm hoping to finish sometime in the next decade or so.

I seem to need the Weight Watchers meetings more than I suspected. I have been off the "points" wagon since the end of June. I do the Weight Watchers @ Work program so there are no meetings until September. Without that peer pressure I seem to have no discipline. I'm stalled at 50 lbs lost, I actually have been bouncing up 4 lbs and then back down but I know that's just water weight so I'm not stressing it too much. September's just around the corner.

It seems to have been a knitblogger festival this week. Alison was in town this week so we were able to meet up for lunch on Wednesday. On her way to meeting me she ran into Illana who was headed to the Debbie Stoller event at Bryant Park:

Today was lunch with Risa. She is a disturbingly talented enabler. I thought I was just having a pleasant lunch with a blog buddy but when I left the restaurant I was ready to buy this and a few of these. Damn Risa you are good;)

Have a great weekend all! Stay cool...