Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm back...

Disney was a blast but I need way more energy than I have right now to blog about it. In the meantime here's some of this weekend's festivities. Avery's birthday was last weekend when we were at Disney, but we decided to give him a little party when we came back.

I made the cake but Rinaldo did the decorating:

I love the way it came out and so did Avery:

The party was small but that is a special kind of fun all it's own. It was low key, with two friends and a cousin. Plus Ian got a playmate for the day as well since cousin Cheyenne brought her baby sister Zeyda. The adults got to hang out on the deck while the kids hung out in the playroom downstairs. A very relaxing day all around.

I did manage to get some work done on my sock while I was in Disney. Yup, a whole inch done on the cuff. I am actually impressed that I got anything done at all. Today I picked up Geryd but it's still just boring stockinette so I won't bother showing it.

I always hate going back to work after vacation. There is so much work just waiting for me, particularly at this time of year. I managed to get through the day and so I was rewarded in the end. My One Skein Secret Pal came through:

I love the yarn, the stitch markers and the row counter. Thanks SP!

I promise some Disney shots next time. Happy Monday...