Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stick a Fork in Me...

...cause I'm done:

Do you want to see how close it was:

I was left with just enough to graft the toes. Just to be clear on what was going on here with my little siamese twin socks. Since I knew that yarn shortage was a problem with Socks that Rock (at least in the original skeins, they have since added more yardage) once I got to the toe decreases I stopped working on the first sock and began the second. I was using the other end of the ball. So basically I had socks coming out of both ends. Once I got to the toe on the second sock I worked 4 rows on one, and four rows on the other back and forth. The idea was should I need to use a different yarn at least it would be in the same exact spot. You can see some left over yarn from Devan waiting patiently in the corner of the first picture. As luck would have it I didn't need it.

I cannot recall being so happy to be finished with something. Though I like to think I am a process knitter, these socks were vexing me and I wanted them over. I don't know that I will ever make another pair. I can't really say why. It's a simple, well written pattern, that comes out quite beautifully but I didn't find it fun. It seemed like work. I may change my mind now that I've completed a pair. Should another sock yarn come along that screams for a pattern to show it's stripes it may be time to Jaywalk again. I just can't imagine it right now.

Tisha's excited. She will have her socks tomorrow, they are drying as I write. By the way Ms. Maribel, the blogless wonder finished hers over a week ago. I was just too petulant to share:

Enjoy the day...