Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Shameless Filler

Please do not ask about the Olympic Knitting, really please, ok?

Here's the deal. I'm a bookseller (so is Maribel but that's neither here nor there). As a bookseller I get a free (well my job pays for it) subscription to Publisher's Weekly. Every three months or so they do these preview issues for the upcoming season. Every preview issue seems to have more and more knitting related books in it. I've decided to show you a few. Now the magazine is really just ads so I can't tell you anything about them. I will link to them so you can see what they look like and any information they may have out on them but I have no idea how good they are or bad for that matter. Just some stuff to check out in the upcoming months:

Beyond the Scarf : 15 Simple & Fun Fashions You Can Knit

One Skein April (although the website says it's available now)

Sexy Little Knits May

Lion Brand Yarn: Just Bags 30 Patterns to Knit and Crochet June

These are the ones I liked the most. There's also 2 or 3 books aimed at the tween or teen market and of course a few more beginners books, 'cause you can never have enough of those.

I ran into this article today. It flipped me out to learn that thanks to us (and the crocheters of course) yarn is a billion dollar a year business. I find that amazing. Of course with the price of some of the high end yarns I really shouldn't be I suppose.

This has nothing to do with anything but I know many of the bloggers I read have small dogs and this news story was something I wanted to share with you.

...what was that? Olympic Knitting, I'm sorry we must have a bad connection, you're breaking to you later...