Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Olympic Knitting

Have you seen how many people are now participating in this thing? I was skimming through Time magazine last night and they had a small piece on all the events inspired by the Olympic Games and there we were:

...and this is where I stand in my race for the gold. After another round of frogging last night, don't worry I have a lifeline in there so I only frogged one pattern repeat... a few times, I have completed about 18 inches. I guess that's not too bad. With 11d 4hrs and 34m remaining, according to the countdown on Stephanie's blog, that still gives me plenty of time to finish.

I did manage to get the needle and thread to put together the cabled bag, but I had this idea in my head that I should have 10 repeats done in Branching Out before I started. With the frogging I never got past 9. I guess Red Eye was just too exciting to knit lace by. I'll remember that.

Of course it could just be that I'm trying to live up to my team's credo of, "swearing at lace" since I have done plenty of that. For those of you out there who have knit lace before, now would be a really good time to remind me that the magic of lace is all in the blocking because at the moment it has even less definition than my first attempt. That means I'm doing it right, right?

Happy Wednesday!