Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I started this post yesterday but holidays being what they are I never actually got back to it. I did manage to finish the Chunky Cabled Purse in time for my student's birthday. I am frankly amazed at how well it came out:

Nice right? I am feeling pretty damn good about my mad skilz right about now. Tishana (the student) literally squealed when we gave it to her. She didn't even realize that I had made it, at first. She loved it more after finding out. She was thrilled because now she didn't have to buy a purse for Spring Break when she goes to Florida. Yes, she is that young...

If lace knitters are the figure skaters of the knitting olympics then I hit the ice pretty hard this weekend. On Saturday I was looking at the scarf and realized there was a fairly large problem:

Now I knew that one of the holes was bigger than it should be but I kept telling myself it wasn't that noticible. As I went further and further along however there was no denying it. On Saturday morning even Rinaldo had to comment on it:

So I had to rip back about 5 repeats. I have to say it hurt like hell. I worked on it as much as I could on Saturday so I could at least get those five repeats done again by the time I went to bed. Which I did.

I haven't done much work on the scarf since then because we decided to take a trip to Massachusetts on Sunday. I've decided lace knitting and riding in the car do not go well together so the scarf stayed home. We drove up with the cousins to visit Tashie at Mt. Holyoke. I'll share some pictures of the trip later in the week but I had to show you that Tashie's little sister Zeyda is a big fan of Clapotis:

She was feeling a bit cold in the dorm room so I let her use it to keep warm. Interestingly on the way home Ian also used it as a blanket in the car when he got a little chilly. That Clapotis, she is so versatile!

Have a good one!