Friday, February 03, 2006

I didn't post anything other than the poem yesterday. I thought it should stand alone. I've loved Phenomenal Woman since the moment I first heard it. I think I appreciate it more because I heard rather than read it first. It's a rather funny story. I guess it must have been about 15 or so years ago I worked with a guy named Elvin. He was gorgeous and sweet and a very dear friend. He saw Maya Angelou on Oprah one day. The next day when he came to work he could not stop talking about this poem. He went and found a collection of her poetry and performed the poem for us (myself and some of the other staff). He was quite amazing, particularly for a guy. I've loved it ever since. For it's power, message and that great memory.

I thought you might want proof that I am actually progressing (somewhat) on Tisha's Jaywalkers:

There is the first toeless wonder and where I am on the second. I'm a bit farther at this point thanks to some subway knitting this morning. Yesterday we had a fire drill here at work so I took it with me outside to work on it. My boss looked at me and said, "Now that is obsessive". At which point Tisha said to him, "She's working on it because it's my Christmas present". She totally called me out. She's right though. Wish me luck on finishing it this weekend.

Anybody know what's up with GoStats? It's been down for days. I was pretty close to hitting 50,000 hits. I'd hate to have to start over with another service. On the flip side does anyone have another hit counter that they like, in case I do need to switch?

Have a great weekend everyone...


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