Friday, February 17, 2006

Dude I Won a Prize!

I am not a person who likes surprises. For one of my birthdays a surprise party was planned and those closest to me knew that was not going to go well for the person throwing it. So they told me and we flipped it and made it a surprise party for her (her birthday is less than a week after mine). That being said, there are some surprises that even I approve of. Such as this:

Months ago Nancy did a 3 day walk for Cancer. I contributed to it. Now I don't even remember her saying she was going to do random giveaways for her contributors but she did. The package came on Tuesday. The keyhole bag is the prize but she included some Kureyon as well and a pack of pink ribbon post it notes. Cool. Thanks Nancy!

Olympic Knitting Update

No, picture today I was out at dinner with some business associates last night, so I got in late. For those who are interested we ate here. I love eating on someone else's corporate account. I have about 24" inches done on the scarf. Which puts me at the halfway point I think. I'm figuring 4 feet is fine especially since it may block a bit longer.

Thank you to everyone for the encouragement that blocking will bring out the pattern in the scarf. I needed to hear that.

Have a great weekend all!