Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Two weeks into 2006 and I finally have an FO:

Like my hat? I do. I had to rip it out a few times because I kept dropping stitches which is weird since I didn't have that problem with the first one but this was a darker yarn so I'll blame that. I made it out of one skein of Silk Garden. I have not stopped wearing it even though it is unseasonably warm.

I'm back on to my Jaywalkers. It's moving a lot smoother on metal 2s, although I can't say it's going that much faster. I'll spare you pictures since I haven't even gotten to where I was before I frogged the first pair. Hopefully I'll have real progress to show on Friday.

Maribel is also a Jaywalker now (hey Cara can she join the knit along without a blog?) and she was showing them off at our knitting group last night:

You may recognize the yarn as the grey Spirit Trail yarn I picked up at Rhinebeck. Since Rinaldo decided he wanted the Tiger's Eye Socks That Rock for his socks the grey was up for grabs, so Bel took it. It really shows off the pattern nicely for such a dark color. Damn she's probably going to finish long before me.

Claudia is a member of our knitting group. She works at the Barnes and Noble a few blocks away from Maribel's store. She has been working on a shawl for the past year and I have never ceased to be impressed with the intricacies of the work. It's on like 0000 needles, from a chart and yet she was always able to completely participate in any discussions. I know for a fact that she has worked on the shawl at baseball games. Way beyond my skills. All that hard work paid off and she too was showing off last night:

It's yarn she picked up at Rhinebeck a few years back and it may be from this book (she told me if I Googled Galina, Russian, Shawl I would find it and that's what came up). Gorgeous isn't it. Maybe one day I'll have the patience for something so intricate, but then there's that whole chart phobia thing, oh well...

Added later: Here is the actual book that Claudia got the pattern from.

Happy Wednesday.