Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Cara!

Oh right it's also New Year's day, I forgot in all the excitement ;)

First things first, here is my knit along update:

Naked Stix by 2006 Update

1 washcloth - finished
1 Irish Hiking Scarf -finished
1 Bob the Builder doll - not so much
1 Branching Out Scarf -sadly frogged
1 pair of Ugg booties- frogged
1 figment of your imagination - finished but not as cool as expected and yes it was a hat

The scarf came out really well, just the picture is sucky:

I'm not even going to show you the close up, it looks like I was drinking and photographing not a good combo.

The figment of your imagination was a hat. Veronica Mars wore a hat on the last new episode and it seems some people googled for it and got me. I decided to be a good Samaritan and deconstruct it and write up a pattern. It's really bulky and simple so I figured it would take me no time at all, but it got boring fast. I also remembered why the yarn, LB Woolspun had stayed in stash for so long, I hated it. The hat did not come out the way I wanted although it's a decent hat. I'll send it off to one of the charity drives. I know what went wrong in the knitting so the pattern may yet be forthcoming, but really it's the type of hat you don't really need a pattern for.

For the new year a new knit along:

It's a fun idea and hey it will work as blog filler on the more boring days. So here is letter A:

My handsome son Avery of course...

May your new year be healthy, happy and prosperous!