Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A little busy at work so here's a meme I picked up from Vicki:

1. List your finished objects, or just list your favorite FO.

IPOD Sock, Reverse Bloom Washcloth,Clapotis, Sockapalooza Socks,Fingerless Mitts,2 Dulaan hats,Baby Booties,Log Cabin Baby Blanket,Pinwheel Baby Blanket,Multidirectional Scarf,Ribbed Scarf for Rinaldo,Tashie's Socks,Booga Bag,Rinaldo's Socks,Beret,Suede Bias Scarf,Farrow Rib Scarf,Mittens,Lady Hat,3 Washcloths,Bulky Hat,Irish Hiking Scarf

2. List your works in progress:

Bob the Builder (Ian will be 20 by the time he's done) and a Lady Hat for me made with Silk Garden.

3. What skeletons are in your knitting basket?

I actually discovered the beginnings of a Shapely Tank the other day when I was cleaning.

4. What's your favorite project?

I think it was Clapotis although the Lady Hat came in a close second.

5. What project(s) will you never knit again?

I think the only thing I will never do again is socks on a deadline.

6. What was your major knitting accomplishment for the last year?

I did cable projects which I've been wanting to do for awhile now and I got much better at socks.

7. What's your favorite yarn from the last year?

Brooks Farms Four Play

8. What's your favorite yarn overall?

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in all it's incarnations.

9. What new knitting techniques have you learned?
Cabling without a needle.

10. What are your knitting goals for 2006?

Lace and to try to find a good therapist for my chart phobia!