Monday, January 23, 2006

I had a post in mind. Planned it on Saturday night. I was very excited about it. Sadly it didn't work out. Maybe Wednesday. In the meantime I'll show you this:

This is obviously not taken with a camera. I forgot to take a picture at home so I threw it in the scanner/printer/beast on my desk here at work. Any port in a storm, ya know.

This is beginning of the fingerless gloves for men in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I find it rather funny that Alison is doing a few things from the right now book too, yet it's January. Well there's always time for gifts right? Rinaldo's been wanting a pair for over a year now so I decided it was his time. He loved the yarn my hat was made from so I am using the second skein I had bought.

Poor, sad, neglected Jaywalker. I never did pick it up on Friday to do the last inch. I will although probably not pick it up again until I finish the gloves. That should be quick though.

I am seriouly cranky today. We are having a bit of drama with one of the publisher's representatives that I work with. Nothing serious but more than a bit unethical. Half the staff is out sick. I think it's really because of the nastiness of the day.

I'd rather be home...knitting of course.