Monday, January 30, 2006

I am so screwed...

I am in way over my head and it's not even Christmas. What is up with that? I need one of Lene's famous schedules to get everything I want to do accomplished in the time I have allotted. Here's the run down:

February 14 - must have completed Jaywalkers to qualify for Cara's contest.
February 16 - I want to make this bag for the student who works in my office for her birthday.
February 10 - cast on for Branching Out, supposed to finish by February 26 .
Soon - Rinaldo's co-worker asked for fingerless gloves for he and his girlfriend, I'd like to get them done before this faux winter has given up all pretence and become truly warm.

Are you laughing yet? You are if you've been reading this blog for awhile. Me and deadlines, so not compatible. I'm not even listing the doll I want to make, the Anouk (run that through Blogger's spell check and see what you get), another baby blanket or sweater for a baby who was born around the holidays and has yet to get a gift from me and finishing Bob. All of that I want done before I go to Iceland in April.

You're laughing right? I hear you, don't pretend...

I may pull this off. I can't work on Jaywalker today because I am working on homework for the finishing class Maribel and I are taking. It begins tomorrow night and I need two swatches for it. I got one done this morning on the train so the other should be done on the way home. If I can then devote myself, faithfully and wholeheartedly to Jaywalker this weekend I should/could/might be done by early next week. Then I can do the bag fairly quickly since it is a bulky yarn. Either way I have to cast on Branching Out next Friday. Hopefully the bag will be done or at least done over that weekend. I know damn well that if I am going to finish Branching Out it is the only thing I can work on. That's how I got lost last time I did it. I got distracted by other projects and couldn't find my place when I went back.

If I start to not be able to laugh about this Jaywalker can take a break. I promised Tisha it would be done for her birthday that's in April so there is time. But I'd love a shot at more Socks that Rock. Obviously the Olympics is for fun so I'm not getting to caught up in the deadline on that. March will be another hurtle.

Why do I knit again? Oh yeah to relax...