Monday, January 30, 2006

Bad Blogger

One of the reasons I don't ever do any of the secret pal things is because, frankly, I'm afraid of letting someone down. I forget things, lose track of time and can be quite unreliable sometimes. Here's a lovely example. Just before I moved I received a package in the mail. It was a RAOK gift from Susan:

It's a little photo album plus a postcard and bookmark from her trip to Lake Placid. In her note she says she ran into my blog, liked it and sent these along. She even mentioned that maybe I want to put some pictures of the new house in the photo album. Isn't she sweet and thoughtful? Of course I rushed out a thank you right away...not! I received the package literally in our last days at the apartment. I left it on the shelf next to the door as a reminder to e-mail her. It would appear that on the night before we moved, hell maybe even the day we moved, I put the whole package in the large rattan basket we use for our shoes. It was moved on it's own so I threw a lot of small things in there. Last week I was looking for Rinaldo's knee brace (which had gone in there as well) and lo and behold I found Susan's care package. So I officially suck as a gift recipient and Susan I apologize for never acknowledging your kindness. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Of course I do now have some great house and kid shots to go in it so it will go to good use.

Along those same lines of me being a sucky person I also never gave an appropriate show of appreciation to Elizabeth who put together the Knit Blogger's Cookbook. Which I contributed to and own a copy of. Thanks for all the work you put into that. It came out beautifully.

Be warned people, if you're nice to me I am evil and don't say thank you. I apologize in advance.

This weekend I went out to buy a skein of black Wool Ease and came home with this:

Now in my defense I was emotionally overwrought. It seems that Treasure Island is going out of business. Now for you yarn snobs out there this is no great loss but I really loved their selection of yarn. It was far more varied than Michael's or Jo Ann's and the prices were quite good. Their needle selection was quite good as well and they always had points and cables for my NeedleMaster set. It seems that while the store that I shopped at in Scarsdale was doing well, the rest of the chain was floundering. They declared bankruptcy and that's all she wrote. Maribel was with us in the car when I saw the sign so we ducked in and took advantage of the clearance prices. While in line we found out that the yarn shop we frequent in Hartsdale, Goldman's Yarn was closing as well. This store was originally in the Bronx and moved up to Westchester years ago. It seems the owners decided to retire. I'm sure they were spurred on by the Michael's that opened down the block. I avoided going to see what their clearance was like. I simply didn't have any more to spend. I probably would have gone there first if I had known.

Just so we're clear though, Maribel spent $8 more than me. Obviously I am the more disciplined of the two of us...