Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I have some progress shots for you today. I am just about finished with Rinaldo's fingerless gloves:

He loves the one that's finished. I am a bit ticked though. I bought two balls of Silk Garden, double checked the dye lots and yet this second ball has no blue in it whatsoever. Instead it has two repeats of the purple. Not big in the masculine color range. Rinaldo says he doesn't mind. I actually spliced out one of the purple lines. I had the end of the first ball and it was all grey so I substituted that instead. The pattern does the thumb slit in a way I haven't before (of course it's simply the easiest way to do it so it's not revolutionary or anything). You stop knitting in the round for about 12 rows, you just go back and forth for an inch and a quarter. Then you join the round again. It's amazing how awkward it can be working back and forth on double points. Of course the pattern calls for two circulars but I wasn't up to trying out a new technique this week.

As for Jaywalker, Maribel is just about finished (that bitch...oops I mean that amazingly talented and fast knitter):

It's looking really good. I haven't done a damn thing on mine but here they are anyway:

sorry Tisha but yes I did try on your sock, but it will be washed before I give it to you don't worry...;)

It's a bit tight on me which is good since Tisha's foot is a bit smaller. The only problem I have is the ribbing at the top is loose compared to the rest of the cuff. I'm not ripping the whole thing out to re-do it but I will probably start the second cuff with a 1 and switch to the 2 after the ribbing is complete.

I will leave you with this story from my subway ride this morning, my embarrassment is your entertainment after all. I was working on the fingerless glove and the ball is getting quite small. It was inside my bag but I must have pulled too hard, the yarn flew out of my bag and onto the floor in front of the guy next to me (and yes of course the train was packed). He picked it up and handed it to me. Now I am trying to figure out how exactly to keep this wild ball under control. I looked at my bag and realized that I have the perfect thing. My bag has a cell phone holder on the side that closes with a velcro flap. So I took my cell phone out put my yarn in and voila, instant yarn tamer.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention...

Happy Wednesday!