Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How sad is it that when my best friend has an incident with her knitting I get all excited because it gives me blog fodder? Seriously pretty high on the pathetic meter isn't it?

So Maribel took her mother to see the Tony Danza Show this morning. As they are going in security asks if they have anything metal on them. Of course Bel had her Jaywalkers with her. So security confiscated it! They also confiscated her scissors which I suppose makes sense but damn are double points really that dangerous that you can't bring them to sit in a TV show audience? Of course maybe they were just afraid that she would be caught knitting on camera and make it seem like Tony just wasn't interesting enough to keep her attention. She had a good time anyway and of course they returned everything to her when she left.

My Jaywalkers are coming along. I'm not sure if I should finish the toe or wait until I have the other one at the same point so I can come up with a creative yet symmetrical solution if I run out of yarn. One of them would have been done but I got really, really sick this weekend. To the point where I only worked a half day yesterday. Not such a big deal you say? Well it is when it's the first day of classes and you're the Manager of the Textbook department. I must have done about 9 hours of work in less than six. I just tried to stay focused on the goal of the work being done so I could go home and collapse on the couch. It's very funny today, everyone is being so solicitous. I am never out sick during rush, even for a half day, so I guess they thought I was at death's door. Everyone is coming in asking how I am, do I need tea, etc. It's nice to be cared about but kind of funny at the same time.

Finally I'm going to take the Harlot up on her challenge:

I'm not sure what I will make but I think it will be a shawl (not Charlotte yet) maybe a feather and fan. It'll be fun...I think.

Happy Wednesday!