Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweetest 16

Way back in November my favorite cousin in law hit the big one six and in this day of Super Sweet 16 there was a large party involved. Her mom did an excellent job of keeping up with the Joneses without going completely over the top.

My favorite part was Ian. He would not leave the dance floor. Here he is with his cousin Zeyda doing the Electric Slide:

Cheyenne has grown into a lovely and intelligent young woman so she is well worth celebrating. Here she is with Avery who considers her his best friend:
This was her third clothing change for the night;)

The only decent shot of me came from Rinaldo's IPhone. It got a lot of comments on my Facebook site so I will deign to share it with you all as well;)

It was fun playing dress up for a night. I wouldn't want to do it very often but every once in awhile it's well worth it.