Monday, January 05, 2009


My winter break was cut short. I actually had to work both days of the weekend shelving books to prepare for the upcoming semester. No overtime means no staff only managers doing the heavy lifting. Sadly this has once again brought home to me how I am not as young as I used to be. When I was a clerk back in the day I could shelve all day everyday with no problem. Saturday night I got home and had aches on my aches. At least it's good exercise.

I didn't get a chance to fill you in on the Christmas festivities at casa de Mathews. We had our usual Christmas Eve get together with Maribel and her mom and Rinaldo's cousin Lisa and her girls. It's small but loud, fun and full of food. Then we prepped for Santa's visit. This is the scene Ian woke to on Christmas morning:
That would be Phineas and Ferb from Ian's favorite show climbing the tree. Their pet platypus Perry is eating Santa's leftover cookie.
The boys enjoyed their presents. So did I:

Rinaldo got me this beautiful necklace.

Maribel got me the Casablanca special edition DVD and this cute knitting novel. I finished it in about a day or so. She also got me a fantastic robe which I never take off. It's like a long hoodie sweatshirt.

My mother in law gave me money to pick something up for myself:
I'm really looking forward to a year full of fiber.