Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Yarn shopping

A few weeks back Tisha, Amanda and I took a trip to the new Lion Brand Studio store on 15th street.

I love the guy in the window who greets you as you walk up to the door:

Then there was the yarn:
...and Bron for you there was the massive amounts of Cotton Ease (it's two of the rows diagonally down the middle):
Tisha and Amanda fondled their fair share:
This is my favorite part, free swatching!
They have a lovely seating area where you can sit, knit and look at their book selection (not huge but good enough). The staff was friendly and helpful. They've invited our NYU Knitters ravelry group to meet there. Certainly you won't find more reasonably priced yarn in Manhattan, of course it's only LB stuff but it's amazing to see how far they've branched out over the years. It's definitely worth a visit.