Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 Goals for the Year

New Year's resolutions are a losing proposition. Chances are they will have failed or been forgotten by February at best. I have all the usual goals for the year, the same as many of you I'm sure. Spend less, stay home more, eat out much, much less, lose the remaining weight to get to my 100lbs by 40 goal (40 comes at the end of June for those who are counting).

Although I tanked my first class I am going to take another class this semester. Something more basic. I think I overshot a bit. Other than that I don't really have any specific goals.

On the crafty side I'll take a page from my plurk bud Sassenach and list some projects I'd like to accomplish this year:


A comforter cover for Ian's blanket. He has an old hand me down comforter, it's in decent shape but a new cover will spiff it up nicely. I remember making one for my feather comforter when I was a teenager.


hats and scarves for Avery and Ian
mittens for Ian
Tomten sweater for Rinaldo
Lacy Cable Shrug

to name but a few


I want to learn to crochet a granny square, that's it. Is it really asking so much?

I'm trying to be realistic for the year but it does appear to be shaping up to be the year of the sweater. I have so much yarn, for so many sweaters. I'm hoping to actually get a few of them done. It will be all stash all the time because frankly I've got enough to keep me busy without ever hitting a yarn store. Although I did get a Knit NY gift certificate but that doesn't count right?