Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What I did on my Christmas Vacation

I wish I could say I did a lot of spinning but I didn't. For the first few days after Christmas I spent at least an hour or two on the wheel but then I realized I was once again running out of time on the teacher's gifts so all my spare time went to them.

Well not all my spare time;)

On Wednesday I made the trek up to Katonah to hang out with Gina. We spent almost the entire visit talking. So much so that in fact that I missed my 4:26 train by a good half hour! Hell we barely even touched on knitting. I had a fantastic time. She did however take me to a yarn store, Katonah Yarn. I was a good girl, although I did buy yarn I looked at some books that I had at home and looked for projects that I had wanted to make then I bought yarn for them specifically.

For the placket sweater in Last Minute Knitted Gifts, that I've been wanting to make Ian:

This yarn is so soft I am absolutely dying to cast on to start the sweater. It's just heavenly.

For Avery I've always wanted to try the brioche scarf in Weekend Knitting:

Avery loves orange and it looks great on him, I think the brown will offset it nicely.

Gina was a doll and gave me some roving she got when she attempted to learn to spin. She had about the same success with the drop spindle that I did;)

As this is already a Gina-centric post I will let you know that I am doing another kind of stash project. My book stash. I have tons of books. Books I've bought, books I've been given and books that I get as freebies here at work, yet I seem to always buy one when I am looking for something to read. So in the spirit of Knit Your Stash and in solidarity with Gina, may I present:

OFF THE SHELF (January 1, 2007-June 27, 2007)

1. All books must be from my personal stash.
2. I may not borrow fiction from the public library. Health reference books are permitted.
3. I may use a store credit or gift cards to purchase books only if the card is due to expire.
4. I may not purchase new knitting books (pattern books are exempt) until April 1, 2007. At that time, I may only use credits or gift cards for the purchase.
5. I may break these rules only if I encounter (not actively seek out) hardbound copies of favorite paperbacks, rare books or first edition books.
6. I may purchase books as a gift for others.

I changed a few things, such as the audio books , since I don't have an audible account. I also changed the ending date to my birthday just like I did for Knit Your Stash. What kind of birthday would it be if I couldn't buy myself some books and some yarn;)

2007 looks to be a de-stashing kind of year.

I also wanted to mention that I have the comments on moderated mode for the moment. I've been getting hit with a lot of spam and Haloscan doesn't have any kind of verification program. As soon as it dies off again I'll take off the moderation. The point is if you don't see your comment appear immediately don't worry, it will show up as soon as I approve it.

Happy Wednesday...