Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A little belated Christmas sharing

I didn't have much to talk about today. Ian's second sock is nearly done. Work is still crazy but Tisha's back so it suddenly seems much easier, but I realized that I never bragged shared what I got for Christmas. I mean obviously the wheel was the chart topper for the holiday but there were other goodies that I was thrilled to receive as well so now you have to hear about them.

It was a very musically inclined year, nearly everyone here at work got me CDs, with the House Season One DVD set and the originally Buffy movie tossed in for variety:

It's great to have friends and family who understand my eclectic tastes!

Of course on closer inspection one of these things is not like the others. When I was watching Magni on Rock Star : Supernova I got a very bad case of the hots for him. Luckily I know people who know people. My cousin not only got me his band A Moti Sol's album but look at it very closely:

...dude it's signed!!! By the whole freakin' band!!! It's a really good album too. I really have to learn Icelandic since my cousin and her wife are totally brainwashing me into loving so much of their music (you should all check out Emiliana Torrini by the way and a lot of her stuff is in English). By the way, there is a certain blogger who shall remain nameless who is extremely jealous over this, heh heh.

The husband decided to feed the blog as much as he was feeding my fiber addiction with my wheel:

All the pictures since Christmas have been taken on this little beauty (barring phone shots of course).

The one thing I asked for I didn't get although I wasn't exactly missing it;) So I decided to buy it for myself and it finally arrived yesterday:

Yup, I got my Knit Picks needles set.

This amazingly isn't even everything, it's just the stuff that was easily accessible for pictures last night!

Looks like it's going to be a great year...