Thursday, September 28, 2006

Man it's amazing how stuff stacks up when you don't blog. I have no idea where the week went but it's Thursday and that's never a bad thing.

Guess what? I joined yet another knit along, I know it's a disease, I need help...but who can resist when it's Socktoberfest:

...and I even have a finished sock to show for a preview:
Love, love, love this sock. I have already cast on for the second. However in honor of the Warm Hands knit along I decided to start Ian's mitten. The pattern which I mentioned is in Knitting Nature was also in Interweave Fall issue. It's the Target Wave Mittens. I just about finished one but the shaping is not shaping up well:

I'm going to rip back on the thumb and eliminate about 4 rows. My stitch gauge was dead on but I'm suspecting the row gauge was off, 'cause you know I didn't check.

I thought you might like to see Gyrid as well. I haven't picked it up this week. I was too caught up in the sock on Saturday, housework on Sunday and then the mitten had my attention. Still she's coming along nicely (although it's hard to see the cables in this shot):

Finally we all know it's the new season that means more obsessing on Veronica Mars. The show returns next week and follows the Gilmore Girls on the new network. They updated the opening credits for the new season. I loved it so much I just had to share:

Off to a school trip with Avery today. Oh yay, wrangling a bunch of sixth graders is so my idea of fun...


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