Monday, May 29, 2006

It's been a busy weekend. Today we are having our preview inaugural cookout. What the hell is that you may ask? Well we were planning our first BBQ for next week when Ingileif, Linda and the baby arrive but it occurred to us that it never hurts to try something out first. Since Memorial Day cookouts are traditional we decided today would be a good day. We're just having a couple of close friends over so it's not really a big deal and if anything goes wrong these are the type of friends who could care less. Of course Rinaldo and I are already exhausted from getting the yard and house ready for company.

I also took the boys to the zoo yesterday to keep them out of the yard while Rinaldo was working on it. Man it was packed and it was so damn hot. We waited over an hour to get on the Bengali Express and after that Ian was pretty much done. It was still fun though. He got a real kick out of the zebras which oddly we hadn't run into on our previous visits (the Bronx Zoo it quite large). The tigers are still his favorites however.

Remember my contest is going on until Thursday, so there's still time to enter. My cousin has picked up the yarn. Isn't it pretty:

Happy Memorial Day!