Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Miss Me? I'm Back

Yeah, I know I didn't really go anywhere. I just seem to have forgotten to blog. The end of last week was a bit crazy at work since I was trying to finish a ton of stuff before I went on Jury Duty. I also finished those booties:

Kinda cute right? Yes, we are back to camera photos at the moment, lazy, lazy me. There was much familial drama on Saturday that I won't share and Sunday I was out of the house all day. I did manage to start Odessa however:

This picture really sucks, sorry. The color changes on the alpaca look great on the hat. I've been taking it to the courthouse with me, no problems getting the metal needles in at all. It's a really fun project to knit and the beads are a breeze. I'm happy I started it. I'm not feeling the Dublin Bay pattern in STR. The socks are a little big and you can't see the lace panel at all. A trip to the frog pond is in it's future.

Back to work for me tomorrow, whoo freakin' whoo ...