Monday, May 15, 2006

Steps to Having the Perfect Mother's Day

  • Sleep late.

  • Have your husband make you corn muffins and tea.

  • Rake in the gifts.

  • Jewelry, 60 GIG Ipod Video, Gift Certificate to your favorite clothing store, the best gift – a beautiful card made by your youngest son.

  • Go to the movies ALONE, to see a pure popcorn movie.

  • Go spend your gift certificate on clothes 2 SIZES SMALLER than you bought 5 months ago.

  • Get picked up by the husband, go get fed at his grandmother’s.

  • Come home and load your new Ipod with the absolute coolest of stuff.

  • Finish a baby bolero that looked pretty bad in progress but looks adorable after finishing:

  • Call for your jury duty instructions for Monday only to be told it’s been postponed for a week.

  • Collapse into bed.

I hope everyone’s Mother’s Day rocked as much as mine!