Monday, May 08, 2006

A F*****g Felting Fiasco

I've felted a few bags in my time. It has always been fun. The mystery and magic of felting is one of my favorite things about knitting. You do have some idea of what it will look like once it's gone through the washer. Yet it's always a surprise.

This time it was not a good surprise:

Seriously people WTF!?! My good lopi! I nearly flipped out when I pulled it out of the machine. I normally throw in an old water shoe of Avery's when I am felting something. The pair I use seems to have disappeared at some point so I tossed in a sneaker. Yeah big mistake. It tangled itself up in the bag which caused it to felt unevenly in the first go round. I got rid of the sneaker for the next run. It did even out a bit but the bag ended up longer than the flap and the flap had an odd asymetrical tilt to it that sure as hell wasn't there when I was knitting it. I was felting it on Saturday night just before we were expecting people over for a poker game. I gave up on it at that point.

I revisited it on Sunday when I was less frantic and I did some repair work. I sliced out a chunk of the side and sewed it back up. Then I put it through again. Once it was done I trimmed the flap a bit and voila:

There that's the bag I was looking for. A little more work than I'm used to but the finished product is pretty damn good:

So now Nancy is just a little less cranky...