Saturday, May 13, 2006


My poor Ipod is a goner. It had a bit of a fall back in August and immediately after it wouldn't play. It also made a lovely clicking sound as it tried to find the music that it was supposed to be playing. That clicking is known as the death rattle of a hard drive. But my little Ipod, named The Edge since it was a U2 Ipod, was made of stronger stuff. I finally got it to reset and it came back to life. I hadn't had a problem in months, then a couple of weeks ago the clicking was back. Sometimes it would play, sometimes not. Sometimes it would stop in the middle of a song and skip on to a song much later in the album. Then the day before yesterday I reset it and when it came back on it simply showed me the address for Apple Support. It's gone, sniffle, sniffle...

Now it has been remarked upon as to how convenient it was that it died just before Mother's Day, but honestly I resent that remark. It's not my fault my husband works for a Computer Store, or that we get an educational discount so an Ipod isn't quite as expensive as it is elsewhere. Should I tell him not to buy me, say a new 60 gig Video Ipod just because it looks bad? I think not.

Now on to the knitting. I haven't finished the bolero but as the mom it is being made for was having contractions when I left work yesterday I aim to finish it today. I was nearly finished on Thursday night. I had one sleeve completely sewn in and the other almost completely done when I noticed that the sleeve I was working on was on the wrong side. Damn. So I ripped it out and put it away that night. I am not overly thrilled with the way it is coming along, particularly the way the first sleeve looks where it is attached. I toyed with just starting again but when I looked at it today it's not as bad as I thought:

Once the edging is done I think it will be fine. I want to try to do some booties to go with it. They should be quick enough to get done by next week.

I have jury duty on Monday, in Federal Court, which is a bit of a bitch. I have to go all the way to lower Manhattan to serve. Normally I serve in the County Court here in the Bronx, which is only about 20 minutes away by bus, 10 by Subway, so it's nice and easy. Hopefully I won't be there too long. I cast on the Dublin Bay sock in STR for my civic duty:

I can't lie I thought I loved the other two skeins of STR that I have knit up but that was mere infatuation. Ruby Slippers you are my one true love...

Have a great weekend everyone!