Thursday, June 01, 2006

There once was a hat named Odessa.
Who became quite a huge messa.
At first she was fun,
but now she's undone,
and that leaves me a bit depressa.

Yeah, my limerick skills suck, unless they're dirty ones of course. I was at the decreases for Odessa when two things happened, first I found a hole, not a big one but it was definitely there. I think I must have dropped a yarn over. Second my stitch count was suddenly off by 2. Now I should have been able to tink back for about an inch but this alpaca is so sticky that I couldn't figure out where the hell I was so I ripped the whole damn thing out. I have already cast on again but I've only just today completed the ribbing. I'm a bit off my knit as it were.

I was supposed to have cast on for my Amazing Lace project. Which is of course Charlotte. The start date was Memorial Day weekend but I feel like I have to deal with the bad karma of Odessa before starting something new. Nothing like a juicy rationaliztion to start the week!

Oddly enough I have a finished project to show off that has nothing to do with knitting. This is my friend Tisha's beautiful daughter Lauren:

She is graduating from High School in a few weeks and this was Prom Night. By the way can we have a round of applause for Lauren as she will be attending Providence College on a full scholarship! Ok, back to me, no I didn't make the dress but thank you for thinking it;). I did however make the wrap. In principle this is not that amazing, however, the only reason Tisha asked me to do it was because I had a working sewing machine, well at least we both thought I did. Lauren needed the wrap by Tuesday the 23rd. Tisha gave me the material on Friday. So of course I started working on it Sunday night around 10, 'cause that's who I am. I dragged the sewing machine up from the basement only to discover that it did not fair well in the moving and wasn't working at all. So Monday night I spent handstitching the wrap. Let me tell you I thought it was going to be horrible but when all was said and done it looks pretty damn good. Of course it helps that the young woman wearing it looks that good.

I will have one of my kids pull a name out of the hat for the contest tonight and I will let you know tomorrow who has won. The yarn (and the family) will be arriving from Iceland on Saturday night so I will be able to ship it out by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Happy Thursday...